Governance Risk & Compliance


With the increased complexity of business and changing regulatory environment, it is often difficult for Audit Committees, Board members and management to be aware of all relevant business issues and trends. Our services assist with independence standards, risk management activities and stock exchange requirements.

Corporate Governance Assessment

  • Greater opportunity to detect and confront fraud or unethical behavior
  • Demonstrate commitment to compliance and culture of integrity
  • Improve ability to monitor overall compliance and increase transparency across the organization

IT Governance Assessment

  • Greater alignment of IT strategy and business strategy
  • More efficient use of IT resources for critical business needs
  • Effectively measure IT performance and improve customer and end-user satisfaction

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Develop consistent approach to identify, evaluate and monitor key risk factors
  • Assist management in defining the company’s risk appetite and align it with strategic initiatives
  • Analyze results to determine level of enterprise risk factors and present risk assessment results to management with plan of action