Business Process Improvement


One of the keys to sustained success is constantly improving and adapting processes to ever-changing market conditions and business needs. That’s why we believe a good kick of the tires is beneficial to optimize performance regardless of company size or ownership structure.

Utilizing industry best practices along with in-depth business knowledge, Stinnett evaluates business process structures and identifies areas where potential improvement or re-engineering opportunities may exist.

Engagement examples include:

Inventory and Warehouse Management

  • Improve tracking and accounting of inventory
  • Find opportunities to reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Reduce cycle time from purchase request to receipt

Vendor Management Review

  • Approval, storage and monitoring of vendor contracts, agreements and communications
  • Verification of vendor credentials and ownership, bidding and award procedures (where applicable) and detection of restricted vendors that are applying to the company under another name or ownership

Construction Management and Construction Cost Recovery

  • Consistent project estimates and justification analysis procedures
  • Improve consistency and compliance in bidding/contract selection processes
  • Increase probability of on-time and on-budget completions


  • Reduce costs through improvements in competitive bidding and buying power leverage
  • Decrease chance of fraud or inappropriate purchase activity
  • Decrease payment errors

Revenue Billing and Invoicing

  • Improved tracking of payments and reduction of receivables
  • Reduce workload by increasing automation and eliminating unnecessary manual effort
  • Decreased opportunity for fraud

Employee Expense Processing

  • Improve tracking and monitoring of expenses
  • Streamline review and approval of expenses
  • Increase accuracy of expense accounting