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IT Disaster Recovery Planning Facts You Need to Know

In Part 1 of Stinnett’s Disaster Preparedness Month series, we discussed three important tips for building a successful business continuity program. This week in Part 2, we will focus on how to engage your IT team and promote business continuity awareness throughout your organization. Engage IT Early in the Process Did you know that 93 percent […]

Maintaining Quality Through Chaos

Internal audit departments in 2020 are facing a myriad of challenges. Audit plans may have changed, department sizes may have been impacted by layoffs, organizations may be revamping business models, or audit activities may be affected by the results of delayed or canceled initiatives or implementations. As a result, the quality of an internal audit […]

Did you know 40% of companies never recover from a disaster?

No matter your business industry or size, your business may be disrupted by natural disasters, human error or an intentional attack. If your organization is struck by a disaster or outage, are you prepared to respond with a plan to resume operations? Without a proper response, your business might fall into the 40% of companies […]

The Path to Operational Resilience

As companies around the globe respond to COVID-19 challenges, now is a critical time to determine what organizational changes are needed to address the related risks and position your organization for long-term success. When leaders think about Enterprise Risk Management, they identify key risks across the organization to develop the company’s risk universe. Risks are […]

7 Stages of a Business Continuity Plan

Having a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that addresses the moving parts and key players to keep a business thriving is essential for success, especially in these uncertain times. If an organization does not have a BCP strategy in place or if the existing plan needs to be revisited, consider the different stages in developing […]

Vendor Fraud on the Rise

Given the extraordinary downturn in the economy, especially in the oil and gas sector, many companies are experiencing an increase in vendor and service provider issues ranging from invoice errors to outright fraud. Stinnett’s Vendor Risk Management Services team views this problematic trend as symptomatic of the incredible pressure exerted on the industry which continues […]

Oh, What a Tangled Web(site) We Weave

Join Stinnett and Gable & Gotwals cybersecurity experts for a free webinar discussing pitfalls and practicalities for new and experienced online businesses. The event takes place on Wednesday, May 13 from noon – 1 p.m. In today’s environment, more and more businesses are turning to the internet to generate business, but not all are aware […]

5 Questions on Information Security Controls

IT systems are being tested like never before. With several states loosening shelter-in-place restrictions, some organizations aren’t ready for business-as-usual and view the work-from-home model as a long-term option. While many contingency plans are working, information security and vulnerability management programs are being put on the back burner. In this Q&A feature, Stinnett’s Data Privacy […]

Coronavirus and Business: 7 Tips to Reduce the Impact

As the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) escalates and becomes the world’s leading social disruptor, businesses must rethink operational resilience. Until recently, most companies did not have a public health risk ranked as the top contender for creating such havoc. Business continuity and disaster recovery have evolved throughout the years. “Disaster” has taken on a new […]